It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Heyy everyone

It's finally Christmas break after a stressful term of school filled with exams.
Over the last three days and a couple of weeks before I've been getting really into the spirit of Christmas. In my household we always put the Christmas tree up after we have been to the panto and all the decorations go up soon after as well. 
Today we went to The Vyne, a national trust place, to see all the Christmas decorations. So I decided to take a few photos, only on my phone as we forgot the camera, but I thought they were really pretty so am deciding to share.

Oh, and I hope everyone has a marvellous Christmas!

Sophie xox


The Sunday Currently

Heyy everyone

This week has been so hectic, it's a miracle I have had even just a little time to sit down a write. So I'm going to keep this post simple, and start up the series 'The Sunday Currently' which I wrote on my last blog after reading ones like it on other blogs.


READING: I've been flickering through books on Wattpad and Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter
WRITING : Well this blog post right at this moment and my science homework on the evolution of a horse.
LISTENING: I haven't really been listening to much, but the last thing I played according to my phone were the songs from Wicked the musical.
THINKING: If I did okay in my math and English exam.
SMELLING: I can't pin point a smell, is that bad?
WISHING: Ummmm that my exam grades are okay.
BUYING: Well I'm trying to save up for a bunch of stuff, including Christmas presents for people.
WEARING: Comfy clothes! Just a top, leggings and fluffy socks. Oh a also my dressing gown, it's so fluffy, and it's so cold in my room.
LOVING: My new sketch pad, the pencils draws amazingly on it, and it allows it to rub out okay.
WANTING: Nothing really.
NEEDING: To sleep.
FEELING; Really happy! I'm looking forward to this week.


October Favourites

Hey everyone

So now October has ended (gosh the time had flown by too fast) and we're on to November, I thought I would share what my favourite make-up products, and just random items have been this month. This is the first time I've written a blog post about this sort of thing, but might make it a little series, what do you think?

Firstly I'll start with my make-up favourites.

Real techniques buffing brush / Baby lips lip balm in cherry me and hydrate / Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder / Rimmel London Wake me up concealer / Rimmel London scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner

And finally just some random things, that don't really fit into make-up, more on the line of skin care.

Simple rapid action spot zapper / Nivea moisturising cream / Montague jeunesse face masks in Very Berry and Sauna Masque

I've been loving all these things over the last month, and will carry on using them.

What have you been loving in October?


Day out at the London Eye

Heyy everyone,

Yesterday my family and I went up to London, if you hadn't guessed from the title of this post, to go to on the London eye. We had been waiting years to finally find some time to actually go on it, and as we have Merlin passes yesterday was the day. So as most people do both my sister and I took photos, these are just a few (and really can't tell which ones she took and which ones I took) of them. Enjoy!

Excuse the dots, the windows needed a clean.

Don't mind my feet, I was sat down.

I had an amazing day, and can't wait till we next go to London, which will be for the London dungeons in the next few months.


Review: Baby lips

Heyy everyone

Finally found some time to blog after a hectic last week going back to school and realising how much school actually stresses me out. So keeping it simple I thought I would write my first review, that honestly I've been meaning to do for ages - finally caught up with everyone else writing about baby lips.

The baby lips lip-balm, I have to say is one of my must have products in my make-up bag. After going through so many different lip-balms, some being to sticky, some being absolutely terrible and failing at keeping my lips from cracking, I finally found baby lips which in all has been perfect for me and keeping my lips in good health.

The 8 hour hydration, indeed, is actually true and it can last pretty much all the way through school with out having to re-apply - till lunch of course. However during the holidays, while camping, it was literally a life saver, defiantly when on a hill while the wind was deciding to whip pass us trying to take the tent away.

Also all the different types of baby lips are amazing. Personally I prefer the hydrate and cherry me ones (the two in the pictures above) as hydrate is perfect for school and cherry me is perfect when I want my lips to have a bit more colour but still keeping them hydrated. Honestly I haven't tried the others, but according to my sisters they're all are amazing.

Not sponsored. All my own opinion.


Everyday Make-up

Hello everyone,
I'm back again, and as it's the summer holidays so I have so much time to write more posts. 

So anyway back to this post, and the make-up I wear most days - that doesn't count days where I just stay at home doing nothing because those days I really can not be asked to anything, that includes my make-up (Isn't everyone like that).

Okay, so I don't normally put on foundation, as I really don't like the heavy feeling of most of them, and really just don't like much make-up covering my whole face, however, I do like to make sure I don't look like a walking zombie, so concealer is a must have for me.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer

Then to set it into place, and to make my skin less shiny, I use a powder. I particularly love this one as its transparent so does overly change the colour of my skin when trying to look as naturally as possible; and it also lasts all day for me.

Concealer same as above.
Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Press Powder - Transparent

Also, one of my favourite make-up products is eye liner (I have multiple versions of these), though I have a very shaky hand when trying to actually line my eyes, so felt-tip-like ones work the best for me - if you have the same problem I would definitely recommend it. I also use a white pencil eye liner to line my bottom lash line as it helps my eyes stand up - though I've only just recently started doing this I can tell you it actually works amazing.

MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner - Snow white
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eye-liner
MUA Mega Volume Mascara 

What make-up do you wear most days?