An On The Spot Halloween Make-up Look


It's that time of year again. That time for my mini Halloween series. Which I've really only done one of before but I feel like this will become a new tradition. Not like half term if the only time I can go full out for Halloween since college is hectic, well less so now since I've got UCAS stuff (well sending it off) done and at least one bit of weight if off my shoulder. So anyway though I'm not doing a post a day - I just don't have enough ideas for that - I'm going to do every other day for you guys instead. So please enjoy 2016's Halloween series.
I definitely said 'so' one too many times there, oopps.

To start off, I thought I would share another make-up look that I created on the spot. Without following any pictures and just tried to create something I little out of the ordinary. I should probably mention I'm no make-up artist, but I always try my best, so please be nice to my creations - that makes me sound like some mad-scientist >_<.

Starting off with a slightly paler than normal foundation, or in this case BB cushion, and missing out the concealer, means my base for the make-up is ready. Honestly I would like to say I didn't put concealer on to add to the look with my really dark under eye bags, but really I had just taken off some other eye make-up and kind of forgot I removed my concealer as I did; but it kind of worked for the look so it's all fine.

Next on to the start of my creation. I decided to go with a dark blue instead of black, since I always seem to use black for Halloween look, and attempted - I emphasis attempt hugely - a cut crease. Following along my crease I winged it out at the end, and really the pictures are probably better at describing what I did than the words I can write. With the dark blue done, after going over it a good few times, I took a white and kind of painted in the lines I had just created. Of course I somehow managed to get it outside the lines so had to go back over the dark blue all over again - you'll see some that topping up the dark blue becomes a theme. 

With the main colours on the eye, I thought "hey why not lets add a lighter blue" which I originally just added along my lower lash line but then took it above the other eyeshadow as well, I hope it made in more Halloweeny. I actually really love this blue colour, but unfortunately don't wear it much, it's not easy to make it into an everyday make-up look.

I then coated my lashes in mascara, since I had done they eyeliner before the light blue and just followed along the dark blue lines. To then go over the dark blue again which by this time was smudged into all the other colours, however I wanted it to stand out.

Onto the lips, and for this I used a red base then kind of painted on a black to the centre of my lips making a gradient effect, and finally to tie it to the eyes I placed the light blue eyeshadow on the centre of my lips. I actually really liked this colour, kind of quirky and cool somewhat, though I don't think I could really get away with it apart from at Halloween.

To finish off the look I contoured my squishy face and highlighted with an eyeshadow. I've never been so sparkly before, almost like an alien or vampire ^_^.

And that finished my make-up look. Despite having no plan and no pictures to follow I thought it turned out quite well. Don't forget this is the first of four Halloween posts so look forward to the other ones.

Anyway what do you think this make-up could be fore? I'm still unsure which character it could be?

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