Hey there! However, you found this little spot on the world wide web I welcome you with open arms. I would hand out free cookies but I've sadly eaten them all.

I'm guessing I can assume you've clicked on here to find a little bit more about me then.

Well, where to start?

I'm a teenage girl writing about fashion, beauty and the odd lifestyle post, still trying to figure out what my niche should be.

If I'm not writing most likely I'm watching K-pop music videos, Korean dramas or anime series where ever I can find them, though I could also be sitting somewhere with a green tea in my hand with my nose stuck in some book in some far off land.

Sophie's Spot started back in 2014, for a bunch of many reasons that could be written out in a book so I won't bore you with those. But instead, know it started as somewhere for me to write about beauty and share it with others.

Since then this blog has moved along its own path. Though slow in growth, there's still progress. Moving along a more fashion related path than beauty, as well as trying to write more personal posts, which was made a goal to do for the new year.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

If you have any more questions just leave them on any of my social media which you can find on the contacts page ^_^

Sophie xox